Cliff Jumping & Camping

About a month ago my friends Maighan, Shaylee and I took a roadtrip to Second Valley where we met up with Ely. Shoutout to Maigs for the banger of a roadtrip playlist.We went on this spontaneous little trip so that we could go CLIFF JUMPING. I was so excited because it was something I had always wanted to do.

It was quite a tough swim from the beach to where we were actually going to do the jumping and after what felt like a year, we finally got there. One of the highlights of the day was singing " IS IT TOO LATE NOW TO SAY SORRY" (Yes, we like Justin Bieber) to Maighan to distract her while she was jumping because she was so nervous. I didn't quite understand why she was taking so long until it was my turn to jump. Nonetheless it was absolutely amazing - Such an adrenaline rush!

After the long swim back we drove around looking for a fish and chip shop that was actually open, only to fine we were half an hour late and had 2 hours to wait until they reopened. So, we went back to the beach, tucked in to some of the food we had brought with us and then took tons of photos.

Eventually we decided to make our way to our campsite in Rapid Bay - not before we stopped for some fish and chips though. Ely went home and we continued on our journey. When we got to Rapid Bay we ate our dinner on the beach and then attempted to set up our tent (Easier said than done). After about 4 attempts we finally got it right and then retired to the beach for the evening with our music and ciders with some really cool people who were camping next to us. It ended up being a very exciting and wonderful trip. I'm so glad we went and it was such a bonding experience. I can't wait for our next adventure.

We vlogged the whole trip so I will be sure to link the video to that once it has been posted!

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