I moved to Australia?!

Yes, its official. On Thursday the 5th of November I said a lot of very difficult goodbyes. It got to the point where I had to be pushed through the security gates at the airport by one of my friends to ensure I actually went. The one upside to being last to board your flight and crying hysterically while doing so is that the air hostesses felt most sorry for me and let me sit in business class. Lesson learned - cry to get what you want. Just jokes that doesn't always work so well.

Anyway, I came to Australia to live with my lovely dad and step mom. I've been so spoilt and they have done so much for already. All of which I am so grateful for. However I can't help the tears that seem to roll down my cheeks daily. My heart is so sore and I miss my friends and family so much more than I ever imagined. It's not like my life here is bad or anything because seriously what could I have here to complain about?

Okay so I am SO lonely. I'm not bored or anything. I am just lonely. I want people - MY people. Who would have guessed that when you move to a country where you don't know anyone that you actually don't know anyone? Apparently that was a minor detail my brain hadn't actually processed. I know it takes time but how on earth do you get through that time? I am looking for jobs and hopefully starting Uni in February so hopefully I will meet people then. But until such a time I guess I have a good opportunity to do a lot of self reflection and learn about myself a bit better.

I"ll pull through I always do. I know once I've settled down and met a few people I will love it here. What's not to love, right? I have so much to look forward to and so many great opportunities that it can only get better and better.

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