BALI 2015

On the 28th May 2015 I ventured out of little PE to visit the amazing Bali. I met my family there and we had a wonderful time. The reason for our exciting 2 and a half week holiday was my dad's wedding. 

The wedding itself was absolutely stunning. It had beautiful lanterns, fire dancers, divine food... So picturesque. The wedding villa was the most amazing place I have ever stepped foot in! The wedding villa was Villa Kalyani and I highly recommend it for any event or wedding if you are planning something of that sort.

My family and the villa staff and the wedding villa.

We managed to find time to do so many fun things around the wedding. Firstly I must point out that the food and cocktails were absolutely to die for. We spent many days in the sun sipping on coconut water, getting massages and working on our tans. 

We went for breakfasts by the beachfront and at the W hotel (absolutely beautiful) sundowers at Potato head, posh dinners at so many exquisite resturants and drinks at Ku Da Ta and Red Carpet Chanpagne Bar. 

I'm thinking I may do another post about my trip as there are so many wonderful things we did and tons and photos to go with it. So definitely stay tuned for that!

Until next time x

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