HB bestie.

This post is dedicated to my best friend Nix. It was her 19th birthday last week and we definitely celebrated accordingly. 

We have been friends for almost 9 years and the memories that come along with those years are indescribable. Through thick and thin, tears and smiles, heartbreak and love and absolutely everything in between.

Those of you who know her will know that she is the funniest human alive with such a big heart. Her mom would be so proud of the amazing person she has grown into. She makes me smile every day and even offers to help remove my uterus when my period pains become unbearable.

I definitely thought she deserved this birthday/appreciation post. Awella (sorry - inside joke)

Nix / Nic / Nicky J / Nicky Sam / Janish (don't hate me) - I love you so much and hope your birthday was as incredible as you!

9 years and forever xx

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