Vitaderm Product Review

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Last month i was given  a small range of the Vitaderm skin products as a birthday present and let me just say i was pleasantly surprised by them. I have never been majorly concerned by the skin products i used but Vitaderm has changed my perspective entirely. I have felt and seen such a change in my skin, and i look and feel a lot healthier. Best thing about Vitaderm - Beauty Without Cruelty.

I think the packaging is so simplistic yet so aesthetically pleasing.
Possibly my favourite thing about the Vitaderm products is that the scents are so alluring and amazing. I literally feel like i am in a posh spa when i use them. Skincare has never been so enjoyable for me.

Purifying cream:

I want to start off by saying that i could sit and smell this cream all day, everyday.The fragrance is so divine - tea tree and aloe extracts. I have never really used a night cream before and i must say i am quite enjoying this one. It is so soft and smooth. AND it isn't too thick which is an added bonus! I really dislike thick creams that don't soak into your skin nicely... this is the exact opposite.

Enzymatic exfoliator:

I really enjoy this exfoliator because it is not the gritty, scratchy kind that actually feels like it's doing more harm than good. It has such a neutral scent which is nice because it smells good but isn't overwhelming.

Skin renewal gel:

This Gel has a lavender scent which is extremely therapeutic. I like using this as a mask because as promised it is very hydrating and also doesn't make me feel claustrophobic for the 20 minutes that it's on my face.

Reflective Sunscreen:

I think it is safe to say that this was the product that impressed me the most. I am not usually a daily sunscreen wearer because i don't enjoy the smell of sunscreen and i most definitely don't like the sticky feeling after it has been applied. The Vitaderm sunscreen doesn't have a very strong smell and is so soft that it just feels like a moisturizer. LOVE it.

Please leave me a comment on any product reviews (i'm always on the look out for new things to try) or blog posts you would like to see in the future. I would love to interact with you - so interact with me. Goodbye for now.

Zoe Leigh x

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  1. Hi there <3 Do you still use Vitaderm? x