Being Sick

It is currently the end of the first week of my last June-July/decent length holiday before I am thrown into a prison cell called finals. Within the next few months I shall encounter a couple weeks of school, trial exams, a week holiday and then finals. I would like to emphasize that the week holiday will probably consist of me being locked in my bedroom, forced to study for the upcoming examinations. With the above information in mind, and with a lot of thought I came to the conclusion that this holiday was going to be INSANE. My last little break before the real grafting starts - boy was I keen to make the most of it.

I began my week very positively and keeping myself fairly busy. Working, seeing friends and partying. The usual pleasures failed to disappoint. Until...(cue drum roll) I fell ill. My throat began to throb and I became almost delirious at times. I spent my Saturday night in bed, watching every movie known to man and can't say I've really moved at all since. Yes, i'm still in bed and no, I am not enjoying it. I've run out of things to do that require very little concentration and that can be done from the comfort of my bed. I've also fallen tragically behind on my filming schedule. No video for this week it seems.

I am doing everything I can to recover without making a trip to the doctor. I am aware that it would probably be for the best and that he would probably give me miracle meds but I am also aware that I would probably be put under strict instructions to remain on my back and in bed for the entire week which I am not okay with. I want to enjoy this holiday and not have to worry about such annoying setbacks.

All I can do from here is drink plenty hot apple juice (which is unbelievably soothing on the way down), take lots of pain killers, refrain from sleeping under my drafty window and hope for the best.

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