Winter Fashion Must Haves 2014

It is officially winter in South Africa.
I without a doubt LOVE winter fashion. I find that because it is no longer hot and we are therefore no longer desperate to walk around naked, we really get the opportunity to experiment, develop and express our own style. I strongly believe that the way a person dresses and presents themselves shows a lot about who they are.

Of course everyone has a their own style but when the word winter is said a few items come to mind. I am going to share with you a few staple winter pieces that i think are essential. You can never go totally wrong with these items in your closet.

1. An Over-sized Parka.

parkas match almost anything and complete outfits effortlessly.

cotton on
free people

2. Combat Boots

combat boots are edgy and not to mention very comfortable.

cotton on

3. Dark Lipstick

dark lips with neutral clothes are a huge statement and the perfect finishing touch.

mac - cyber
4. Tote Bag

tote bags look classy and can be worn with anything to change the style slightly.


5. Leather

leather jackets, pants or even shorts. dress up a look with a leather item.

country road

6. Winter Coats

keep warm whilst looking good in dark and neutral winter coats.

8. Monochrome

black and white is a very popular colour scheme this winter.

These are just a few of my favourite items and trends that i will be wearing a ton this season. They all compliment each other very well and are very simple, easy to pull off looks. I would not hesitate to spend money on these items as they are staple items and will be put to good use.

Zoe Leigh x

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