the fault in our stars review.

upon hearing (from every second person i spoke to) about this heart touching story, of course i had to see what all the fuss was about. i kept meaning to read the book but time ran away with me and before i knew it the movie was in my local cinema and i just could not wait to see it.

i decided that it was okay to watch the movie even though i had not yet read the book, because movies based on books are often disappointing due to the fact that many details and scenes are left out. to be fair i understand why this is done in movies - no one wants to watch a single movie for 7 hours straight. as i was saying, movies are often a disappointment and i thought i would enjoy the movie a lot more than if i had read the book before hand. in this case i would read the book afterwards and love it as opposed to loving the book and not enjoying the movie. this was my theory.

honestly, it was a seriously good movie. it had good actors and a tremendous soundtrack. i loved how everything was filmed, set out and edited. my favourite part was how hazel and augustus' texts appeared on the screen in speech bubbles. i thought it was a really nice touch. however, i did not walk out of the movie jaw dropped and mascara smudged as i thought i would do. i had bought a pack of tissues with me that i did not even open. being a real lover of 'spoilers' i was aware of the tragic plot twist that broke so many young hearts before i watched the movie. that may have been the reason that i wasn't as impressed as i could've been but i am sure that it was because it was so hyped that i had such high expectations that did not seem to be met. i am kind of annoyed by this because it slightly ruined it for me.

i had recently heard about from one of tyler oakley's youtube videos and because i have always loved audio books i decided i would give it a go for TFIOS. i waited with great anticipation for the 7 hour long book to download and finally i could begin listening to it. the narrator was very good but i couldn't help being slightly disapointed. it probably had something to do with the fact that after watching the movie, i had certain visions of the characters that the narrator just didn't match up with. nevertheless, i finished the book in one day. once again, my expectations were not met. don't get me wrong, it did have a powerful story line and was a very well written and enjoyable book. it had some really witty humor and at just the right places as well as serious moments that were very heart touching.

i think that society had ruined something that could have been great for me. if it was not so highly recommended, rated and spoken of, i would not have expected so much of it. it has effectively just become the latest trend. if i had not heard if it ever before i believe i would have been blown away. it had some really deep quotes and special moments that i really did fall in love with. regardless of all negative aspects i think i would read and watch TFIOS again and at the end of the day, i suppose that is all that matters. thank you john green and well done. i look forward to investing my time and soul in your other works.

what were your thoughts on this tragic story?

Zoe Leigh x

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