you'd lose your mind, trying to understand mine.

hello lovelys,

so i suppose you're wondering who on earth i am and why you are on my blog.
i can attempt to give you a little insight into who i am, but as for why you are on my blog - i probably asked (forced) you to take a look, if not i have no idea why and you are probably slightly mad.

i can tell you that i am an 18 year old girl, from england, living in sunny south africa. and yes, i do have a pet lion (and no i was not being serious). i'm brunette, have hazel eyes and i'm neither tall nor short.

those are a few obvious facts about myself, that any odd person could tell you but who i really am on the inside is a whole other whirlwind. it's really hard to sum up my crazy mind in a few simple sentences but i will try my best. firstly, i love to write and tend to get completely carried away and ramble on uncontrollably. i love to speak just as much and speak rather fast because there are just so many thoughts in my busy brain that are bursting at the seams. often, such thoughts are very deep and meaningful and slightly random.

a few interests of mine are fashion, filming, photography, editing and being on camera or on stage. i suppose the most probable career paths for me lie somewhere in those categories. ultimately, my greatest dream in life is to be an actress. i have enjoyed drama my entire life and some of my fondest memories of my childhood are the hours spent at jigsaw performing arts school located in england.

i believe i have a big heart, yet i often make mistakes that hurt others. which i might add, is never my intention. i am have no doubt that i am outgoing, fun and full of life. i know that i am a perfect candidate for a reality tv show.

i am a day dreamer, procrastinator and my mind is never where it should be. some things just come more naturally than others. school, for example, is one of those things that does not come so naturally.

i love winter in england, and summer in south africa. i am most definitely obsessed (and proud to say it) with the harry potter series. books, films, video games - you name it, i love it.

i despise capital letters and love full stops. i could not tell you why even if i wanted to. i am obsessed with macarons, scented candles and forget-me-nots.

i have a teddy version of terk from tarzan that my dad bought for me when i was four. in my eyes terk is spelt turk and turk is a boy. i feel very sorry for my future husband because it is likely that turk shall get more attention than him. best friends after all, are inseperable.

it is possible that you are extremely bored by now, so i should probably stop here. it is also possible that you're still wondering 'who on earth' i am.

i'd like to leave you with a quote which describes me in a nutshell, that i stumbled across once, and took a little liking to - "you'd lose your mind trying to understand mine."

have a beautiful day,
Zoe Leigh x

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